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Q10: Cascading of SATATYA Devices from Device Client

Q12: “Maximum Session Limit Reached” message appears when user tries to login from Device Client

Q13: “Maximum Stream Limit Reached” message appears while viewing Camera live stream

Q14: How to play .avs, .mxs and .stm file?

Q15: “HDD requires cleanup” message appears when login into SATATYA Device

Q26: How to configure SATATYA Device Monitor Application?

Q28: How to solve the error ‘Maximum Decoding Capacity Reached’ in SATATYA NVR/HVR?

Q29: How to configure SATATYA TCP utility?

Q30: How to play .stm format file?

Q31: How to solve the error ‘Maximum session limit reached’ message at the time of login in SATATYA Device Client?

Q32: How to create Password Policy in SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q33: What to take care while installing SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q35: How to set schedule snapshot in SATATYA Device Client?

Q38: How to configure User Account Management in SATATYA Devices?

Q48: How to create style in SATATYA Device Client V5R6?

Q51: How to View SATATYA Devices Online using Port Forwarding?

Q52: How to Use Quick Backup Feature in SATATYA Devices?

Q53: How to access SATAYA Devices from Mac?

Q58: How to configure DST in SATATYA Devices?

Q60: How to configure Server Integration in SATATYA Devices?

Q65: How to access SATATYA device from the Internet using Matrix DNS server

Q66: How to configure NTP Server for SATATYA Devices?

Q67: How to resolve the ‘mfc140u.dll is missing’ error while opening SATATYA Device Client?

Q68: How to set up and check parameters for the Matrix DNS Client?

Q69: How to Solve ‘IP Address is blocked’ error in Device client?

Q70: How to add SATATYA NVR X using P2P in SATATYA SIGHT Mobile Application?