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Q1: Using Matrix VARTA WIN200 with SARVAM UCS

Q2: Using Matrix SPARSH VP110 with SARVAM UCS

Q3: Using Matrix SPARSH VP330E with SARVAM UCS

Q4: Peer to Peer VoIP Call configuration in SARVAM UCS

Q5: Uploading Voice Module through GUI

Q6: Recording Voice Module using Phone in SARVAM UCS

Q7: Using SMS Server in SARVAM UCS

Q8: How to activate license in SARVAM UCS?

Q9: How to Generate Online SMDR report through Ethernet Port in SARVAM UCS?

Q10: How to send and receive SMS using SMS Gateway in SARVAM UCS?

Q11: Network Drive Configuration for Voice Mail Backup

Q12: Procedure for T1E1 Card Loop Back Test

Q13: Using Matrix SPARSH VP248 with SARVAM UCS

Q14: Using Matrix SPARSH VP310E with SARVAM UCS

Q15: Using Matrix SPARSH VP510E with SARVAM UCS

Q16: Using Matrix VARTA AMP100 with SARVAM UCS

Q17: Outlook Integration Using VARTA WIN200

Q18: Incoming Call Routing Configuration in SARVAM UCS

Q19: How to configure Call Queuing in SARVAM UCS?

Q20: How to upload a Voice Module In SARVAM UCS?

Q21: SMTP configuration for VMS in SARVAM UCS

Q22: Using Matrix SPARSH VP710 with SARVAM UCS

Q23: Using BCCH Selection in SARVAM UCS

Q24: Capture SMDR (Calls Report) Online on HyperTerminal through Ethernet Port

Q25: Using Call Forward in SARVAM UCS

Q26: How to configure Call Cost calculation in SARVAM UCS?

Q27: PIN Dialing in SARVAM UCS

Q28: How to configure Dial-In Conference in SARVAM UCS?

Q29: How to carry out AC Impedance test in SARVAM UCS?

Q30: How to configure Trunk Auto Answer in SARVAM UCS?

Q31: How to configure Redundancy parameters in SARVAM UCS ENT (ETERNITY LENX_MENX)?

Q32: How to register Airtel SIP Proxy trunk?

Q33: Using Matrix VARTA ADR100 with SARVAM UCS

Q34: Redundancy in SARVAM UCS ENT

Q35: How to register VP110 phone in SARVAM UCS?

Q36: How to configure E1-VoIP Gateway With DDI Mapping in SARVAM UCS?

Q37: How to Register JIO SIP Trunk with SARVAM UCSSME/ENT?

Q38: How to verify DDI no. of digits on E1 PRI Trunk?

Q39: How to Register TATA SIP Trunk with SARVAM UCS SME/ENT?

Q40: How to Configure and Troubleshoot Peer to Peer Calling in SARVAM UCS??

Q41: How to Integrate SARVAM UCS with Micros Opera PMS software?

Q42: How to Configure Voicemail to Email in SARVAM UCS?

Q43: How to configure Voicemail Auto Attendant in SARVAM UCS?

Q44: How to configure Authority codes in SARVAM UCS?

Q45: How to test the Serial Cable?

Q46: How to configure and test SMTP accounts in SARVAM UCS?

Q47: How to perform Paging in SARVAM UCS using PA System?

Q48: How to check compatibility of ETERNITY Slave cards with GENX?

Q49: How to Configure Network Drive in SARVAM UCS?

Q50: How to integrate IDS Hotel Software using Type-1 Protocol in SARVAM UCS?

Q51: How to configure COSEC Integration in SARVAM UCS?

Q52: How to configure and use an Emergency conference in SARVAM UCS?

Q53: How to configure FAX in SARVAM UCS?

Q54: How To Configure or Cancel Dial-in Conference in SARVAM UCS?

Q55: How to Register Third Party Open SIP Phone with SARVAM UCS?

Q56: How to connect two Matrix Systems using E&M Trunk?

Q57: How to configure SMS on No Reply in SARVAM UCS?

Q58: How to configure GSM-VoIP Gateway in SARVAM UCS?

Q59: How to Connect two Matrix systems using E1-CAS signalling?

Q60: How to Tie Up Two Matrix Systems using QSIG in SARVAM UCS?

Q61:How to configure and check CTI Interface in SARVAM UCS?

Q62:How to configure System Log Notification in SARVAM UCS?

Q63:How to configure Auto Sign-In Parameters in SARVAM UCS?

Q64:Default parameter values for Firmwares later than V1R6.7

Q65:Required ports to be forwarded for registering SIP extension on public IP

Q66:How to integrate Type-2 Protocol with SARVAM UCS?