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Q1: How to configure Local display for Camera View?

Q2: Where we can play downloaded .mxs file. How can we play and convert it into .avi format?

Q3: How to take manual backup of recorded files in the USB device?

Q4: Issue in MATRIX DNS registration

Q5: Couldn't access SATATYA HVR/NVR/DVR using MATRIX DNS Host Name in Web Browser or SATATYA SIGHT

Q6: Issues in adding IP Camera

Q7: How to take Schedule Backup in SATATYA Devices?

Q8: How to create FTP and configure FTP client in SATATYA Devices?

Q10: Cascading of SATATYA Devices from Device Client

Q11: Cascading of SATATYA Devices from Local Display

Q12: “Maximum Session Limit Reached” message appears when user tries to login from Device Client

Q13: “Maximum Stream Limit Reached” message appears while viewing Camera live stream

Q14: How to play .avs, .mxs and .stm file?

Q15: “HDD requires cleanup” message appears when login into SATATYA Device

Q16: “Recording fail for X no of cameras” message appears

Q17: How to configuring Motion based Recording for Analog Cameras?

Q18: How to configure Motion based Recording for Matrix IP Cameras?

Q19: How to add PTZ Camera and how to configure PTZ tour?

Q20: IP Camera audio is not working on Local Display (VGA/HDMI/CVBS) of SATATYA HVR/NVR but it works on Device client

Q21: How to trigger Action for System Events in SATATYA DVR/HVR/NVR?

Q22: How to add Matrix IP Cameras in SATATYA HVR/NVR Automatically?

Q23: Intrusion Detection

Q24: Trip Wire Detection

Q25: Audio Exception Detection

Q26: How to connect Microphone with SATATYA HVR?

Q27: How to prevent HDD failure in SATATYA Devices?

Q28: How to configure SATATYA Device Monitor Application?

Q29: How to disable ‘Recording Failed for n Camera(s)’ pop-up for SATATYA NVR/HVR?

Q30: How to solve the error ‘Maximum Decoding Capacity Reached’ in SATATYA NVR/HVR?

Q31: How to configure SATATYA TCP utility?

Q32: How to play .stm format file?

Q33: How to solve the error ‘Maximum session limit reached’ message at the time of login in SATATYA Device Client?

Q34: How to create Password Policy in SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q35: What to take care while installing SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q36: How to use Auto-Configure feature for adding cameras with SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q37: How to set schedule snapshot in SATATYA Device Client?

Q38: How to set camera-wise recording and backup retention in SATATYA Devices?

Q39: How to connect multiple PTZ cameras with SATATYA Devices?

Q40: How to create users with different access rights in SATATYA Devices?

Q41: How to trigger alarm on Motion Detection event in SATATYA Devices?

Q42: How to set schedule backup from local monitor in SATATYA Devices?

Q43: How to set Page Sequencing on SPOT Display?

Q44: How to send SMS Alert for camera event in SATATYA Devices?

Q45: How to upload image on FTP Server for camera event in SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q46: How to send images attached with Email for camera event in SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q47: How to configure ‘Email with Image’ alert in SATATYA HVR/NVR?

Q48: Setting Stream Parameters of IP cameras in SATATYA Devices

Q49: How to reset the IP Address & User Credentials of SATATYA Device (NVR/HVR) and IP Camera?

Q50: How to configure Scheduling Backup from SATATYA Devices in USB?

Q51: How to configure Trip-Wire in SATATYA Device?