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Q1: How to install SATATYA SAMAS?

Q2: How to add IP Cameras in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q3: How to add SATATYA Devices in Recording Server Automatically?

Q4: How to add SATATYA Devices in Recording Server Manually?

Q5: How to add Recording Server in Admin Client?

Q6: How to create Users in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q7: How to activate Licenses in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q8: How to create Camera groups in SATATYA SAMAS for quick and effective view?

Q9: How to Configure Window and Page sequencing in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q10: How to Create and Retain View in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q11: How to Create Actions for Events in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q12: How to set Email alert in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q13: How to Configure E Map Alerts in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q14: How IVA works in Live View?

Q15: How IVA works in Playback?

Q15: How to take Backup of SAMAS Database and restore it?

Q16: How people counting (Crowd Management) works in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q17: Failover Server Configuration in SATATYA SAMAS

Q18: How to create password policy in SAMAS?

Q19: How to start with basic configuration of SATATYA SAMAS?

Q20: How to configure storage for Recording Server in SATATYA SAMAS

Q21: How to configure SATATYA SAMAS for Multi-Floor and Multi-Site applications?

Q22: How to create users with different access rights in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q23: How to run Report Scheduler in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q24: Export recorded files in AVI, PDF or JPEG format in SATATYA SAMAS

Q25: What to do if Management Service doesn't start?

Q26: How to generate reports in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q27: Benefits of VMS over Recorder

Q28: Understanding Licenses of SATATYA SAMAS

Q29: How to configure Access Control in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q30: How to configure Emaps in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q31: How to configure Perimeter Management in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q32: How to install SATATYA SAMAS (Single Server Architecture)?

Q33: How to install SATATYA SAMAS (Distributed Architecture)?

Q34: How to configure System Components (Servers)in SATATYA SAMAS Admin Client?

Q35: How to configure Forgot Password In SATATYA SAMAS Admin Client?

Q36: How to configure ANPR in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q37: How to configure CREAM in SATATYA SAMAS?

Q38: How to configure System Settings in SAMAS Admin Client?

Q39: How to View Backup of SAMAS Recording in SAMAS Media Player?

Q40: How to configure SNAPSHOT-based Time-lapse in SATATYA SAMAS?